The League of California Cities recognizes city officials, members of the Legislature, members of Congress, and other leaders whose actions strengthen local control, increase the quality of life for all Californians, and create vibrant, healthy city governments. 


Helen Putnam Award for Excellence

Sponsored by the Cal Cities partners, the Helen Putnam Award for Excellence recognizes outstanding achievements made by California's 482 cities. These winning cities have made unique contributions to community residents and businesses, which have resulted in lower costs or more effective delivery of services. Learn how you can submit an entry and take home Cal Cities' most prestigious award

Cities for Workforce Health

Cities for Workforce Health helps support cities as they develop and foster employee wellness programs. Along with Kaiser Permanente, Keenan & Associates, and the HEAL Cities Campaign, Cal Cities Partners work to provide educational content, one-on-one consultation, and financial support to cities at a variety of levels. Discover how you can build a culture of health and enhanced productivity a reality at the workplace through Cities for Workforce Health.

Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Awards  

Sponsored by Cal Cities, the California State Association of Counties (CSAC), and the County Engineers Association of California (CEAC), this award recognizes and raises awareness of the exceptional achievements made by California’s cities and counties to preserve and protect the public's investment in the local streets and roads system. Learn which of your projects may be eligible and apply for the Outstanding Local Streets and Roads Project Awards.

Lifetime Achievement   

The League Past Presidents’ Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 1996 and is given annually to an individual who has made a significant and unique contribution to the state of his or her community over an extended period of years. Preference is given to nominees with close ties to cities; however, nominees may also be selected from the categories of local government leaders, academics/teachers, authors, media producers, community leaders, and state or national leaders. View the complete list of Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Legislator Awards  

Cal Cities considers and may select one or more members of the Legislature annually to recognize their efforts that strengthen local control. The award is often presented during the Annual Conference and Expo or at another Cal Cities event. Honorees are later featured in Western City magazine. View the list of Legislative Leadership Award recipients since 2010

Department and Division Awards    

Cal Cities depends on the efforts of city officials from across the state to achieve its mission. Noteworthy contributions are recognized internally, through division and department awards. Become a member of a regional division or professional department to learn more. Contact your division or department officers to find out more.