Message from the Executive Director 

This past year, Americans made it crystal clear yet again to pollsters that they have the most faith in local government. There’s a good reason two-thirds of Americans trust local government: We solve problems and deliver services our residents need every day.

A key ingredient to our success as cities in California is that we understand we are stronger together. Think statewide. Act locally.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in our advocacy in the state Legislature. By working together under the banner of Cal Cities, we fought successfully against legislative proposals that sought to apply one-size-fits-all solutions and would impose unfunded mandates on local governments. 

The challenge to local control is coming not just from the legislative branch, but also at the ballot box. We focused heavily this past year on fiscal sustainability, coming together to ensure local governments still have the tools and resources they need to fund essential local services our residents depend on. We also came together to mobilize our opposition to a dangerous ballot measure set for the 2024 ballot that would put at risk billions of dollars needed to fund local services and programs.  

We also fought for a stronger partnership with the state to address homelessness, boost the supply of affordable housing, and protect the public from increasing crime and the scourge of fentanyl. Cities can’t do this work alone. We need the state to do its part too.  

In addition to coming together to advance strong advocacy on behalf of cities, we also came together this past year to learn new and best practices in municipal government from experts and each other. With topics that were timely and relevant, Cal Cities educational events drew high levels of participation by city officials regionally and statewide, in person and virtual.    

I am grateful for the dedication and commitment of the 2022-23 Cal Cities Officers and Board members, and city officials, as well as the very talented Cal Cities staff, for making all of this work on behalf of California cities possible.  

It is my honor to present to you, the members of Cal Cities, the 2023 Annual Report, which captures our collective achievements of this past year.  


Carolyn M. Coleman 
Executive Director and CEO 

"There is power in numbers, and our voice at the state and federal capitols is so much stronger when it is echoed by city officials from cities and towns throughout the state. As public servants, we owe it to our residents to be stewards of public interests."

Ali Sajjad Taj
Council Member, Artesia
2022-23 Cal Cities President

Cal Cities by the Numbers

476 Member Cities

57 Board Members

16 Regional Divisions

10 Municipal Departments

5 Diversity Caucuses