The Fiscal Officers Department strives to provide its members with information to assist in providing high-quality service to cities and their citizens. Each year the department elects officers to oversee the work of the department and represent the department at the Cal Cities Board of Directors meetings and other Cal Cities committees.

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Department Goals and Activities

The major activities of the Fiscal Officers Department include: 

  • Offering networking opportunities and fostering professional development for finance and treasury professionals through a variety of training and services. 
  • Serving as a technical and advisory resource to Cal Cities as policy committee representatives. 
  • Providing technical assistance to Cal Cities for training programs, legislative analysis, and research projects. 

Department Officers
President - Scott Pettingell, Assistant Finance Director, Roseville
First Vice President - Daniel Choe, Deputy Director of Administrative Services, Rocklin 
Second Vice President - Lisa Soghor, Chief Financial Officer, Culver City
Director - Roberta Raper, Finance Director, West Sacramento
Past President - Tarik Rahmani, Deputy City Manager, Carson 
Policy Committee Representatives

Appointed by the department president, each department has at least one representative on each of Cal Cities' standing seven policy committees that can provide technical information to the committee as a whole to ensure that the department has a voice in the decision-making process, and make recommendations to the board of directors on legislative and policy issues.

  • Community Services  Sara Cowell, Director of Finance, Tracy
  • Environmental Quality  Elizabeth Shavelson, Financial Systems and Purchasing Manager, Culver City 
  • Governance, Transparency, and Labor Relations – George Harris, Director of Finance, Lancaster
  • Housing, Community, and Economic Development  Lisa Soghor, Chief Financial Officer, Culver City
  • Public Safety Vacant
  • Revenue and Taxation – Karin Schnaider, Assistant City Manager, Tracy
  • Transportation, Communications, and Public Works  Alexander Trinidad, Assistant Director of Finance, Santa Ana   

For more information about the appointment process, please contact Meg Desmond.

Useful Links

The California Local Government Finance Almanac is a resource prepared by Michael Coleman. This website includes data, statistics, analysis, and articles on California city finance.

Fiscal Officers Department Bylaws

California Committee on Municipal Accounting (CCMA) Whitepapers:

CCMA prepares whitepapers relating to certain complex Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) statements and other official pronouncements that are of keen interest to municipalities, explaining how the statements apply, and including working examples demonstrating application.

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