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The League of California Cities advocacy efforts are strongest when joined by the voices of city leaders. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed off on the last bills of the 2023-24 legislative session on the Oct. 14 deadline with some big wins for cities. Cal Cities appreciates all the hard work and advocacy efforts by city officials during this legislative session. Visit Cal Cities' online bill search to view the outcome of specific measures.


State Ballot Measure Restricting Voters’ Input and Local Taxing Authority

The anti-local control California Business Roundtable measure has qualified for the November 2024 ballot. This anti-local control measure will decimate vital local and state services to the benefit of the largest and wealthiest corporations in California. Cal Cities, along with a broad coalition of local governments, labor, public safety, education, and infrastructure advocates, strongly oppose this initiative.

Make sure your city’s voice is heard by adopting a resolution opposing the harmful measure. Adopted city resolutions can be sent to BallotMeasures@calcities.org. For information about how the measure could impact your community, contact your local public affairs manager.

Contact your regional public affairs manager

Sample opposition resolution

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Regulation Comments


Cal Cities' advocacy efforts do not stop once bills are signed into law. Cal Cities' staff, members, and coalition partners work with state officials to make sure that local government interests are protected during the regulation-making process. 


Regulation Comments

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Cal Cities provides up-to-date information about the legislative process, lobbying, and which bills are scheduled for hearings. Hone your advocacy skills by diving into our Advocacy Tools

Cal Cities' weekly hearings update — distributed via Cal Cities Advocate — highlights upcoming legislative hearings on the bills that matter most to cities. Read the report each Wednesday. 

How to Submit a Position Letter 

  1. Visit the California Legislature Position Letter Portal to create an account and upload this letter. If you are having difficulty accessing the portal, please contact Meg Desmond
  2. In addition to submitting the letter through the portal, please send a physical copy to your Legislator(s), and email a copy to Cal Cities, as well as your Regional Public Affairs Manager.