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Our advocacy efforts are strongest when joined by the voices of city leaders. Below is a list of current legislative proposals local officials should act on, along with sample support or opposition letters.

Action Items


AB 156 and SB 156 Broadband Funding for Local Governments

While the digital divide is not a new challenge, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the persistent lack of broadband access that many communities face. In an effort to close the digital divide, the Legislature introduced a slightly modified version of the Governor’s earlier broadband budget proposal. This proposal is the largest public broadband infrastructure investment in the country, and will benefit communities across the state. For more information, contact your Regional Public Affairs Manager.

Contact your Regional Public Affairs Manager



2021-22 State Budget Request for California Cities

The Legislature’s proposed budget deal provides significant resources for cities to address generational crises, but more resources are needed to support recovery from COVID-19 in all cities. City leaders should continue to urge lawmakers to appropriate at least $10 billion to help cities recover from the pandemic, bolster investment towards meaningful solutions to homelessness, improve housing affordability, and advance critical infrastructure.

State Budget Sample City Letter



Organic Waste State Budget Ask

Cal Cities is requesting $225 million for local assistance to cities and counties for local organic waste recycling program development and initial implementation activities. State funding is needed to ensure that cities can get their SB 1383 program up and running quickly, but also to soften the rate increases local governments will need to make to pay for the program.

Organic Waste Budget Ask Sample City Letter



AB 215 (Chiu) Housing element: regional housing need: relative progress determination

This bill would create a new, mid-cycle regional housing needs progress determination process and mandates cities and counties with “low progress” in meeting those housing targets to consult with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and adopt pro-housing policies.

AB 215 Sample City Opposition Letter



SB 9 (Atkins) Housing and development: approvals

This bill would require a local government to ministerially approve a housing development containing two residential units in single-family residential zones.    

SB 9 Sample City Opposition Letter



 SB 278 (Leyva) PERS Disallowable Compensation

This bill will require public agencies to directly pay retirees and/or their beneficiaries, disallowed retirement benefits using general fund dollars.  

SB 278 Sample City Opposition Letter



SB 619 (Laird) Organic waste: reduction regulations

This bill would prohibit CalRecycle from imposing penalties against local jurisdictions that have not met the organic waste recycling requirements pursuant to SB 1383 (Lara), Chapter 395, Statutes of 2016 before January 1, 2023, unless the jurisdiction did not make a reasonable effort to comply.  

SB 619 Sample City Support in Concept Letter
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How to Submit a Position Letter 

  1. Visit the California Legislature Position Letter Portal to create an account and upload this letter. If you are having difficulty accessing the portal, please contact Meg Desmond
  2. In addition to submitting the letter through the portal, please send a physical copy to your Legislator(s), and email a copy to Cal Cities, as well as your Regional Public Affairs Manager.