Rural City Information Exchange

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Rural communities often face different challenges than their urban counterparts. Even when the issues are similar — broadband deployment, housing, and homelessness, jobs and job growth, healthcare and education — the solutions can differ dramatically. Created in response to a growing need, the Rural City Information Exchange encourages the exchange of information and solutions between rural cities. The Exchange was publicly launched at the 2019 Annual Conference and Expo.

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  • Provide easily accessible platforms for peer-to-peer information sharing.
  • Provide a process for rural city officials to submit topics of interest for webinars.
  • Develop and deliver targeted and relevant educational programs.
How to Get Involved
  • Join the Rural City Information Exchange listserv by contacting your Regional Public Affairs Manager, or emailing Public Affairs Administrative Assistant Melissa Tualla.
  • Submit your ideas online for webinar topics specific to rural cities.
  • Visit this webpage regularly for updates about upcoming meetings, conference calls, and webinars.
Educational Webinars and Quarterly Briefings


Legislative Update on Cal Cities Priority Legislation

Cal Cities' lobbyists provided detailed information on key bills pending in the Legislature, including measures related to local land-use authority and housing, homelessness, environmental quality, public safety, transportation, governance, and the state budget.


Special Briefing on California's Water and Drought Conditions

A special briefing with California Natural Resources Agency Secretary Wade Crowfoot on the state’s current water and drought conditions and what cities need to do to curb water use. City officials also learned what to expect regarding future executive orders on water conservation.


The Building Blocks to Financing Infrastructure Projects in Rural Communities 

Funded by USDA Rural Development, the California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) has produced the “California Rural Infrastructure Finance Guidebook.” The guidebook empowers California’s rural leaders and economic development practitioners by giving them the necessary tools to support economic growth through infrastructure financing and development. 

Energy Resiliency and Independence for Rural Cities 

Uniquely vulnerable to the effects of disasters like wildfires, earthquakes, and flooding, finding affordable solutions to sustainable power that will support critical infrastructure is particularly daunting for rural cities. Learn how to address these issues and acquire long-term, sustainable, and emergency energy solutions. 

Money In and Out for Capital Projects in Rural Areas 

Larger cities often have a tax base that allows for development and redevelopment while rural cities are obligated to work with smaller capital budgets and a tax base that often already feels overburdened by taxes. Obtaining those funds in a respectful way and staying on budget is essential to a rural city. 

First Rural City Information Exchange Briefing 

This was the first briefing for the Rural City Information Exchange. Members from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) gave a presentation "Funding Opportunities for Broadband in Rural Communities." The League's legislative team provided updates from legislation to COVID-19. 



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