Regional Divisions

Representing virtually every city and town in California, Regional Divisions are at the core of our advocacy efforts. City officials — both elected and career — help develop region-specific programs and carry out grassroots activities that support legislative, regulatory, and ballot measure goals. Divisions also help guide Cal Cities policy by appointing representatives to the board of directors, as well as through its resolutions, policy, and annual conference committees.

Cal Cities by the Numbers

476 Member Cities

57 Board Members

16 Regional Divisions

10 Municipal Departments

5 Diversity Caucuses

Get Involved

For general information about Regional Divisions, please call (916) 658-8200 or contact a regional public affairs manager.

Cal Cities Partner Program

The Cal Cities Partner program connects businesses, nonprofit associations, labor communities, and other organizations with local government. Partners represent many industries and bring a unique perspective to city officials. Explore our Cal Cities Partners.

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