Advocacy Priorities

City leaders throughout the state work hard every day to improve the quality of life for their residents and create an equitable and just future for all Californians.

In setting the League of California Cities annual advocacy priorities, cities remain committed to resiliency, response, and recovery to strengthen our cities and move our communities forward. We stand ready to work collaboratively with the state governments and other stakeholders to accomplish our advocacy priorities in 2024.


2024 Advocacy Priorities


Safeguard local revenues and bolster local economic development.

Cities are the engine of the state economy. With a looming state budget deficit, it is critical to counter efforts by the state and corporations to erode or skim local revenue. Cal Cities supports increasing local revenue streams for local governments and opposes any effort to reduce or eliminate existing funding to cities. Cal Cities will use every tool in the toolbox — legislative, legal, and grassroots mobilization — to fight a 2024 ballot measure that represents an existential threat to local control. The measure, sponsored by the California Business Roundtable, would put at risk billions of dollars for essential local services. Cal Cities also supports legislation that will fund a state-local partnership to enhance economic development in these uncertain fiscal times.

Strengthen climate change resiliency and disaster preparedness.

The threat of climate change is no less during tough economic times. The state needs to accelerate its efforts to prepare, reduce, and adapt to the ever-changing risks posed by climate change — especially in vulnerable and under-resourced communities. These risks include wildfires, flooding, drought, and other extreme weather events. Cal Cities will pursue funding strategies, including potentially a bond, that provide cities with the necessary resources to improve community and infrastructure resiliency. Cal Cities will also seek to advance a partnership with state and federal agencies to strengthen essential infrastructure, including modernizing the state’s water supply and energy grid. 

Improve public safety in California communities.
A spike in retail theft, violent smash-and-grab robberies, fentanyl deaths and illicit drug use, and back-to-back natural disasters, as well as strained social services are creating challenges beyond the capacity of local governments. Cal Cities will partner with the state to advance solutions that help reduce crime, increase emergency service capacity, and provide more support to those residents struggling with substance abuse. We will work with the Legislature, the Governor, and allies to craft legislation that will reform Proposition 47, while avoiding a return to the days of mass incarceration.
Expand investments to prevent and reduce homelessness and increase the supply of affordable housing.
California cities are doing more than ever to get residents off the streets and into safe, stable, and affordable housing. However, the homelessness crisis in the world’s fifth-largest economy continues unabated — fueled in part by a lack of affordable housing. Cal Cities is calling on the state to provide ongoing funding to bolster local efforts to support individuals experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness as well as strengthen state and local partnerships to improve access to wraparound services, including mental health and substance use treatment. Cal Cities also supports ongoing funding for cities to jumpstart the construction of affordable housing, while ensuring cities retain local decision-making and flexibility to achieve community and state housing goals.



Cal Cities Delivers

Together, with our members, Cal Cities delivers major victories for cities year after year – protecting local control, securing billions of dollars in new funding, and preserving existing city resources.

100 +

bills/ballot measures passed or defeated to retain local control

$13 Billion

in new funding for cities in the past five years

$8+ Billion

in federal recovery funding in 2021

Curious why Cal Cities supports or opposes certain bills or measures? Advocacy efforts are determined by  Annual Conference Resolutions or the  Existing Policy and Guiding Principles.

Cal Cities' weekly hearings update — distributed via Cal Cities Advocate — highlights upcoming legislative hearings on the bills that matter most to cities. Read the report each Wednesday. 

Laws affecting cities are made in the courts, as well as in the Legislature. Consequently, Cal Cities advocacy efforts extend to the appellate courts. The organization weighs in on legal issues where its participation is likely to help advance the legal interests of all California cities. Learn more about our Legal Advocacy efforts.