Avoiding Total Disaster: The Law and Emergencies

Disaster preparedness training for local government legal advisors

Conference Agenda


Emergency Playbook Hyperlinked Index
Summary of Immunities Applicable to Emergency Response
Playbook: Before the Disaster
Playbook: During the Disaster
Playbook: After the Disaster


An Overview of the California Proclamation Process
Alex Pal, Chief Counsel, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services

Before the Disaster: Legal Disaster Preparedness 101
Gregory G. Diaz, City Attorney, City of Ventura
Gregory P. Priamos, County Counsel, County of Riverside

Managing Federal Disaster Assistance
J.P. Henderson, Regional Counsel, FEMA Region IX
Ann Winterman, Assistant Regional Counsel, FEMA Region IX

During the Disaster: Statutory Immunities; Tolling Agreements; and Entry Onto Private Property

Michael Ghizzoni, County Counsel, County of Santa Barbara
Marc Zafferano, City Attorney, City of San Bruno

After the Disaster: A Panel Discussion

Christa Shaw, Deputy County Counsel, County of Sonoma
Verne Ball, Deputy County Counsel, County of Sonoma