Northern California Carpenters Regional Council

An Organized Approach to Jobs and Community- In 1997, three northern carpenter district councils formed the Northern California Carpenters’ Regional Council (NCCRC). The NCCRC is an affiliate of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, one of North America’s largest building-trades unions. The NCCRC represents over 30,000 working men and women in the northern 46 counties of California as well as several thousand contractors. As an organization we have served our members, employers, and our communities for over 130 years.

The Northern California Carpenters Regional Council is dedicated to improving the California building and construction trades industry. With employers, contractors, and subcontractors we seek to build partnerships by providing stability through a workforce that is motivated and skilled, producing quality work in a safe manner.
 Our apprenticeship program operates from four campuses around northern California and educates over 2500 apprentices every year as well as providing continuing education for our journey level carpenters in the latest technologies. We believe in standing strong for our signatory contractors by helping them succeed in today’s marketplace by supplying them with motivated, knowledgeable crews that demonstrate skills, productivity, and a strong work ethic every day.

We have a dual goal within the communities we service. The first is to assist our communities in the development of their capital projects and the second is to establish programs with our community partners and community based organizations providing local men and women the opportunity to learn a trade that provides a “head of household” income.
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