Interested in serving on the 2024-25 Cal Cities Board of Directors?

Mar 13, 2024

By Cal Cities Staff

Are you passionate about local control? Do you have a keen understanding of the complex issues facing California's cities and how they are responding? Consider serving on the 2024-25 League of California Cities Board of Directors. Board members play a key role in shaping both state policy and the actions of Cal Cities.

Cal Cities is accepting applications from city officials for one of six at-large board positions or second vice president. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24.

Below are answers to common questions about board member duties and the application process. For questions or assistance, please contact Zach Seals at or (916) 658-8204.

What are the positions on the Cal Cities Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors includes officers (president, first vice president, second vice president, and immediate past president); 12 directors-at-large; one director elected by each of the 16 divisions; one director elected by each of the 10 departments; one director elected from each of the five caucuses; and one director designated by each of the 10 largest cities in California.

Cal Cities is currently seeking candidates for six at-large positions and second vice president. Applications for second vice president from southern California are encouraged.

Who is eligible to serve on the Cal Cities Board?

To serve on the Cal Cities Board, you must be officially in city service in a member city. Second vice president candidates must have served previously on the Board of Directors.

How long are the terms of office?

At-large board members serve a two-year term and may run for reelection. The two-year term for all newly elected 2024-25 board members begins immediately upon the adjournment of the Annual Conference and Expo in October 2024.

Cal Cities officers serve a term of one year, which begins immediately on the adjournment of the annual conference. Officers customarily rotate through each of the officer positions, which requires a four-year commitment.

When are board meetings?

The Board of Directors typically meets every quarter at locations throughout the state. Officers and directors are expected to attend all meetings. A preliminary list of meeting dates is below.

  • December 2024: This meeting is generally held in conjunction with League Leaders. During the event, leadership from departments, policy committees, divisions, caucuses, and the Board meet to discuss Cal Cities’ advocacy priorities for the coming year.
  • February 2025: This meeting is generally held during February at a location selected by the Cal Cities president.
  • April 2025: This meeting is held in conjunction with the City Leaders Summit. This will be a special opportunity for local officials to promote the importance of local issues to the Legislature and the Administration. 
  • June/July 2025: This meeting is generally held in late June or July.
  • October 2025: This meeting is held in conjunction with the Annual Conference and Expo.

Cal Cities will communicate the meeting dates, times, and locations when finalized. 

How are travel expenses handled?

In general, Cal Cities pays actual and necessary travel expenses incurred by directors attending the regular two-day board meetings. Cal Cities does not pay the expenses or the registration for Cal Cities’ conferences or institutes — including the Annual Conference and Expo — on the theory that as a city official, each director is already attending the event at the expense of the director’s city.

Expenses incurred by Cal Cities on behalf of the director, along with direct reimbursements, are reportable to the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) on the director’s Statement of Economic Interest (Form 700). Cal Cities will supply directors with the information necessary to submit the required information to the FPPC.

If I apply, how are the at-large board members and the second vice president selected? 

After the application period closes on April 24, the Cal Cities’ nominating committee will review all applications and select up to 12 finalists to interview for the six open at-large positions.* The committee will interview all candidates for the second vice president position.

The nominating committee will invite at-large finalists, as well as candidates for second vice president, for an interview before the Cal Cities summer board meeting). At-large finalists and second vice president applicants will be contacted by email with their interview time and interview location. Those not selected as finalists will be contacted by email.

At the Board meeting directly after the nominating committee meeting, the Board will vote to accept the recommendations of the nominating committee — in full or part — or reject the recommendations. If the recommendations are accepted, the Board shall consider final action (approval) on the recommended candidates at the Annual Conference and Expo (Oct. 16-18, in Long Beach).

If the Board accepts in part or rejects the recommendations, the nominating committee shall make additional recommendations. The Board can consider these recommendations at the same meeting or in a subsequent special meeting called by the president, no less than 30 days before the annual conference. The final recommendations of the nominating committee will be announced at the opening general session of the annual conference (Oct. 16).

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Cal Cities Board of Directors?

In accordance with the bylaws of the League of California Cities and the policies of the Board, directors have the following collective and individual responsibilities:

General governance responsibilities

  • Determine and support the organization’s vision, mission, and core beliefs.
  • Select and support the chief executive.
  • Ensure adequate revenues and approve a budget for effective management of the revenues.
  • Assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities, such as reviewing the annual financial statements and the budget.
  • Participate in grassroots activities in support of Cal Cities’ strategic priorities.
  • Support Cal Cities ballot measure fundraising activities for CITIPAC.
  • Determine, monitor, and strengthen the organization’s programs and services.
  • Review agenda and supporting materials prior to board meetings.
  • Attend all Board and general membership meetings, including periodic meetings by conference call, and notify the executive director of any planned or emergency absence and the reason for it. (Board members are only allowed three consecutive absences.)
  • Serve on the nominating or other committees and offer to take on special assignments.

Ethical responsibilities

  • Ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.
  • Use your Cal Cities position responsibly.
  • Perform Board duties in good faith and with such care as necessary to promote the best interests of Cal Cities.
  • Become familiar with and follow conflict of interest legal requirements and policies to promote confidence in the Cal Cities’ decision-making.
  • Disclose potential conflicts of interest prior to voting on any matter before the Board.

Communication responsibilities

  • Facilitate two-way communication between Cal Cities and city officials within your sphere of influence (your city, neighboring cities, division, department, caucus, policy committee, etc.).
  • Assume responsibility for interpreting Board policy to the membership. Ensure Cal Cities speaks with “one voice” once the Board has made a decision. Division and department representatives should report back regularly and directly to their members.
  • Ensure that board members are aware of the views of city officials throughout the state.
  • Attend all appropriate division, department, or general membership meetings.
  • Seek out city officials who have the potential to strengthen Cal Cities and encourage their participation in their division, on the Cal Cities Board, etc.

Roles and responsibilities of Cal Cities second vice president

  • Carries out the duties of the president and first vice president when they are unavailable.
  • Serves as a member of the Cal Cities Executive Committee.
  • Participates in weekly Executive Committee calls.
  • Helps to achieve the organization’s annual strategic priorities.
  • Represents the Cal Cities leadership team at various events.
  • Participates in Cal Cities meetings and conferences in Sacramento, and around the state.
  • As a member of the Cal Cities Executive Committee, attend and represent Cal Cities at the National League of Cities’ (NLC) national conferences:
    • The City Summit is NLC’s annual conference and is at a different city and state each year. The 2024 City Summit conference will be in Tampa, Florida from Nov. 13-16.
    • The Congressional City Conference is NLC’s legislative conference held in March each year in Washington, D.C. It is an opportunity for city officials to promote the importance of local priority issues to Congress and the Administration. The 2025 Congressional City Conference will be held March 10-12.
  • Presides over the Resolutions Committee at the Annual Conference and Expo and presents the report of the Resolutions Committee to the General Assembly at the annual conference.
  • Serves as Chair for the Cal Cities Audit Committee and as a member of the Board Finance Committee:
    • The Cal Cities Audit Committee is charged with the responsibility to:
      • Select Cal Cities’ independent auditor.
      • Oversee the audit contract and interact directly with the audit team.
      • Identify any audit issues and, along with the independent auditor, report these to the board.
      • Coordinate with staff to ensure the adequacy of accounting and internal control systems.
    • The Board Finance Committee is charged with the responsibility to:
      • Collaborate with Cal Cities staff on the preparation of Cal Cities’ budget for Board consideration.
      • Assist with financial matters such as reviewing the mid-year financial report and other internal financial issues as they arise.

How do I apply?

The application form is available here. If you are applying for multiple positions, you will need to fill out each application separately. Application text boxes expand to accommodate responses and a bio or resume attachment is required at the time of submission. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Zach Seals at or (916) 658-8204.

*2024 Nominating Committee; Chair: Lisa Middleton, Council Member, Palm Springs; Ashleigh Aitken, Mayor, Anaheim; Melanie Bagby, Council Member, Cloverdale; Alice Dowdin Calvillo, Council Member, Auburn; Edgard Garcia, Mayor Pro Tem, El Centro; Todd Gloria, Mayor, San Diego; Marshall Goodman, Mayor, La Palma; Mike Healy, Council Member, Petaluma; Jim Lewis, City Manager, Atascadero; Ana Maria Quintana, Vice Mayor, Bell; Anna Velazquez, Mayor, Soledad; Tyller Williamson, Mayor, Monterey; Dan Wright, Council Member, Stockton