Cal Cities nominee at the helm of new plastic prevention advisory board

Feb 7, 2024

By Melissa Sparks-Kranz, legislative affairs lobbyist

CalRecycle handed the reins of a new plastic prevention advisory board to Cal Cities’ nominee Timothy Burroughs last week. The board will help oversee SB 54 (Allen, 2022), a landmark law that will reduce single-use packaging and food ware in California.

“I look forward to collaborating with leaders across California to accelerate progress toward a more sustainable and equitable economy and to make a positive impact on the communities we serve,” Burroughs said.  

Burroughs, now the board chair, was nominated to represent the interests of cities as the state develops and implements the new regulations. He is the executive director of StopWaste, the waste management authority for Alameda County and the 17 local jurisdictions within the county boundary. Burroughs also served as the former director of planning and development for the city of Berkeley.

SB 54 requires producers — not cities — to ensure all single-use packaging is recycled, composted, and reduced at the source. A producer responsibility organization made up of packaging producers must establish a plan and budget funded by producers to cover the costs associated with achieving the law.

“This law has the potential to dramatically reduce the litter and waste caused by packaging in our communities, stimulate investment in circular economy infrastructure in our state, and shift the burden away from consumers to the producers of packaging,” Burroughs said.

The advisory board — appointed by CalRecycle — will review the producer responsibility organization’s plan, identify barriers and solutions to a circular economy, and advise stakeholders on the implementation process. The board consists of representatives from local government, environmental justice organizations, manufacturers, recycling and solid waste enterprises, and retail and grocery associations.

The board also elected Doug Kobold, executive director of the California Product Stewardship Council, as vice chair and Veronica Pardo, regulatory affairs director of Resource Recovery Coalition of California, as secretary. 

For more information about the SB 54 Advisory Board, please visit the CalRecycle website. To receive regular updates about SB 54 implementation, please contact Cal Cities Environmental Quality Lobbyist Melissa Sparks-Kranz