How to engage with Cal Cities and advocate for your city

Feb 15, 2023

Feb. 17 is the last day for lawmakers to introduce any new bills. Thousands of bills have already been introduced, including those related to housing and homelessness, Brown Act reform, local transportation plans, and public safety.

As League of California Cities staff analyze the bills and their impacts to cities, now is a great time to ensure that you are receiving the advocacy and education updates you need. Cal Cities has a variety of channels to help keep you informed and engaged on the issues that matter most to cities.

Get weekly and daily updates on key legislation—and more

Cal Cities Advocate is the way to stay connected with Cal Cities. The weekly newsletter is filled with concise information about legislation relevant to cities, educational programs, grant opportunities, and more. For more frequent updates, follow Cal Cities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and stay in touch with your regional public affairs manager.

Bolster advocacy efforts by showing how #LocalWorks   

The best solutions for some of the biggest issues in your community may have already been implemented in one of your fellow cities. Cal Cities’ #LocalWorks initiative highlights the innovative ways cities are building more equitable, resilient, and sustainable communities. Sharing how local actions are making a difference also allows Cal Cities to advocate for cities more effectively at the state and national levels.

#LocalWorks stories run regularly in the Cal Cities Advocate newsletter and Western City magazine. Do you have a noteworthy project or initiative with measurable outcomes? Send your pitch or press release to Managing Editor Brian Hendershot.

Join a Municipal Department, Regional Division, or Diversity Caucus  

City officials directly influence Cal Cities' advocacy and programs through their involvement in Regional Divisions, Municipal Departments, and Diversity Caucuses. Representatives from each subdivision serve on the Board of Directors, which is responsible for the overall supervision and direction of Cal Cities.

Regional Divisions are at the core of Cal Cities' advocacy efforts. City officials — both elected and career — help develop region-specific programs and carry out grassroots activities that support chosen legislative, regulatory, and ballot measure goals. Similarly, Municipal Departments connect city officials with like-minded professionals to share ideas and help shape Cal Cities’ policy.

Cal Cities’ five Diversity Caucuses provide city officials with common interests, issues, and identities another way to connect with each other.

City officials can also join the Coastal Cities Group, which collaborates on issues of mutual interest, or the Rural City Information Exchange, which examines issues from a rural perspective.

Deep dives into policy ideas and trends 

Relied on by city officials for more than 100 years, Western City magazine provides a lively, interdisciplinary analysis of the most pressing issues affecting local governance. Each issue offers in-depth, engaging features and articles tailor-made for busy local leaders. Subscribe to the monthly Western City newsletter to get an issue preview delivered directly to your inbox.  

Do you have a story or project with measurable outcomes and statewide relevance? Send your pitch to We are always interested in stories written by city officials that align with the Cal Cities Action Agenda or Western City’s editorial calendar.

Exchange ideas and poll your peers  

One of the best resources that city officials have is each other. Join a Cal Cities listserv to post questions, provide resources to other cities, or poll colleagues on current issues in your field. Member city officials must subscribe to a listserv to send or receive inquiries.