Joining forces, not “strike forces,” needed to house Californians

Nov 3, 2021


Contact: Kayla Woods
Cell: (530) 844-1744,

Sacramento – Following the Attorney General’s announcement of the creation of a Housing Strike Force, League of California Cities Executive Director and CEO Carolyn Coleman released the below statement:  

“California cities have been taking our state’s housing crisis seriously for years and have made significant progress planning for and approving housing across all income levels within their communities. They have been doing this using their own plans, while abiding by the state’s myriad of everchanging laws. By the end of next year, all of the state’s major regional governments, including cities, will have identified and planned for more than two million units of additional housing statewide. Those two million units are on top of the millions of homes that cities have already planned, zoned, and approved previously.  

“The comments made during the Attorney General’s press conference today, demonizing all cities for things they do not control will not put roofs over the heads of Californians. Cities do not build homes, and for years have endured whiplash from the state’s scattershot approach to passing housing laws that are often in direct conflict with each other and counterproductive to our shared goals to increase housing supply.  

“If the state is looking for a real solution to this decades-in-the-making housing crisis, we urge a pause on unproven top-down state mandates and enforcement policies and call on the state to work as a true partner with local governments to get housing built for all Californians.”  

Established in 1898, the League of California Cities is a nonprofit statewide association that advocates for cities with the state and federal governments and provides education and training services to elected and appointed city officials.