Cal Cities launches Public Safety Task Force to inform advocacy efforts around police reform

Feb 17, 2021

In response to the growing sense of urgency for cities around issues involving public safety and policing reform, the League of California Cities board directed staff at its December meeting to establish a group of local officials to develop recommendations that will help inform and guide Cal Cities’ advocacy efforts at the state level. 

During last week’s board meeting, Cal Cities President and El Centro Mayor Cheryl Viegas Walker announced the creation of a Public Safety Task Force, and introduced the diverse set of local officials who make up this important group.  

The Legislature has taken steps to improve public safety and reform policing in recent years, but there’s more work to be done, and growing interest by cities in modernizing their approach to delivering public safety services in their communities. The Public Safety Task Force will review and recommend updates to Cal Cities’ public safety policy and guiding principles, which will be delivered to the Public Safety Policy Committee for consideration in April.

The task force will host its first meeting tomorrow, Feb. 18, where they will discuss 21st Century Policing and other initiatives.

Public Safety Task Force Members

Vallejo Council Member Pippin Dew, Chair
Burbank Counsel Amy Albano
Grass Valley Council Member Jan Arbuckle
Fresno Council Member Miguel Arias
Cloverdale Council Member Melanie Bagby
Moorpark City Manager Troy Brown
Inglewood Mayor James Butts
Pleasant Hill Council Member Ken Carlson
Redlands Policy Chief
Rolling Hills Council Member Beatrice (Bea) Dieringer
Loma Linda Mayor Phil Dupper
Imperial Mayor Karin Eugenio
Berkeley Council Member Kate Harrison
Morgan Hill Council Member John McKay
Garden Grove Council Member Kim Nguyen
Chowchilla Mayor Diana Palmer
Lakewood Mayor Todd Rogers
La Quinta Council Member Steve Sanchez
National City Mayor Alejandra Sotel-Solis
Soledad Mayor Anna Velazquez
Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren
Clovis Council Member Bob Whalen