Essential Hour: Your First Public Meeting – Brown Act Basics

This event occurred on August 13, 2021. See below for instructions on how to purchase a recording of the event.

Presented by Cal Cities’ City Attorneys Department Attorney Development and Succession and Brown Act Committee

Overseeing your first public meeting as a municipal attorney can be a daunting experience.  You might have read the Brown Act in preparation, but providing legal guidance in real time when you are in front of the public and media requires alertness to potential pitfalls, political astuteness, and confidence. 

Join us for a presentation during which we will discuss Brown Act basics, offer tips and suggestions through hypotheticals, and provide some suggested best practices.  This is a joint effort of the Brown Act Committee and the Attorney Development and Succession Committee (Substantive Law Subcommittee) of the City Attorneys Department.

The League of California Cities is a State Bar of California minimum continuing legal education (MCLE) approved provider. Cal Cities certified that this webinar meets the standards for participatory MCLE credit for registered attendees in the amount of 1 hour. Please note that participatory MCLE credit is only available to those who are registered to participate in the “live” webinar and Cal Cities is unable to provide credit to those who choose to view the webinar recording. 


  • Tracy Noonan, City Attorney, City of Thousand Oaks
  • Noel Doran, Assistant City Attorney, City of Palmdale
  • Thomas Jex, Burke Williams and Sorensen, LLP
  • Cara Silver, Jorgenson, Siegel, McClure & Flegel 

If you wish to view the recorded event, please contact Megan Dunn. Cal Cities members will be charged $25 to view the recording. Non-member cities and all others will be charged $150.

For questions, please contact Megan Dunn.