EV Charging Stations

This webinar took place on Nov. 15, 2022.

California’s ambitious goal of 7 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030 will require an extensive deployment of charging infrastructure. Hear from key state agencies about the massive investments being made and what is available to cities from the federal government to deploy direct current fast chargers throughout the state. These types of chargers are the quickest way to charge electric vehicles, but are more expensive to operate.

Damon Conklin, Legislative Representative, Transportation, Communications and Public Works, League of California Cities

Ben De Alba, National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program Lead, California Energy Commission
Brian Fauble, Energy Commission Specialist, California Energy Commission
Jim McKinney, Senior Policy Analyst, California Energy Commission 
James O’Dea, Ph.D., Assistant Deputy Director, Transportation Electrification, California Department of Transportation
Mark Wenzel, Manager, Light-Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Analysis Branch, California Energy Commission


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