City Leaders Summit Preview on Advocacy Priorities

This webinar took place on April 6, 2023.

Are you lobbying at the Capitol for the City Leaders Summit or just need information about the top legislative items facing cities? Join the Cal Cities Advocacy team to learn which issues to focus your advocacy efforts on during the Summit and beyond. This preview will provide information on Cal Cities’ 2023 Advocacy Priorities, including homelessness, housing, public safety, and fiscal sustainability, along with Cal Cities’ budget asks: $3 billion for housing and homelessness and $1 billion to repay unfunded state mandates.

Cal Cities Staff Presenters:
Melanie Perron, Deputy Executive Director, Advocacy
Jason Rhine, Assistant Legislative Director
Nick Romo, Legislative Representative
Elisa Arcidiacono, Legislative Representative
Damon Conklin, Legislative Representative
Johnnie Piña, Legislative Representative
Caroline Cirrincione, Legislative Representative
Jessica Sankus, Senior Policy and Legislative Affairs Analyst

Watch the webinar