Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations

The Tribal Alliance of Sovereign Indian Nations (TASIN) is an intergovernmental association of federally recognized tribal governments throughout Southern California. 

We are the descendants of Native Americans who have called California home for thousands of years.  We are tribal governments - building schools, roads, water systems, health centers, and providing other vital services to our citizens.  We are partners with our neighboring cities and counties.  We are part of California – both its past and its future.

Our mission is to protect and promote the tribal sovereign government rights, the cultural identity and interests of federally recognized tribes located within the Federal Central Judicial District within the State of California. 

Since 1995, the tribes of TASIN have worked to protect and advance the rights of tribal nations. 

Together we have changed the course of history for Native Americans in California.  Our members have been at the forefront of major tribal policy issues including the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), Indian Child Welfare legislation, Propositions 5 and 1A, tribal-state compacting, the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund, sacred sites protection, and more.  

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