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For 40 years, Avenu and its family of companies has strived to protect, enhance and administer local tax and fee revenues. Our programs cover all local revenue types including Sales Tax, Property Tax, Business License, Hotel Tax/ Short Term Rentals, Utility User Tax/ Franchise Fees, Cannabis, and Sweetened Beverage Tax.  In addition, Avenue provides solutions for Economic Development planning and maintains a Sacramento-based Government Relations Team.
We are proud to celebrate our upcoming 40th Anniversary with the debut of CLEARVIEW.  CLEARVIEW is a cutting-edge analytics software tool that identifies the trends and causes of revenue shifts using intuitive, graphical views. It summarizes by business category and segment and allows in-depth examination of taxpayer details. Statistical models then support revenue forecasts using real-time data and what-if scenarios so that jurisdictions can anticipate revenue changes faster and make adjustments as necessary.

Avenu earned our reputation as the premiere revenue enhancement partner to the public sector through our comprehensive audit services, proprietary data analytics, accurate forecasting, cost-effective administration services, and our commitment to our clients.  Our services enable local governments to make informed business decisions and create sound public policy.  Our full range of solutions streamlines the process of identifying noncompliance, securing lost revenue, and managing day-to-day operations.  

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