Fire Chiefs Leadership Seminar — call for presentations and session ideas

Jun 9, 2021
The Fire Chiefs Leadership Seminar brings together California fire service leaders on Dec. 8 and 9 for a two-day educational and networking event. 
Cal Cities is soliciting session proposals on timely topics of importance to fire service professionals including but not limited to fire chiefs, chief officers, and union leadership.

Suggested topics include:
  • Leadership
  • New fire chiefs
  • Conflict resolution and accountability
  • Labor management relations
  • Succession planning
  • Emergency response
  • COVID-19-related challenges
  • Latest updates to Emergency Management Systems
The conference planning committee is seeking thorough, thoughtful, and complete proposals that describe how the proposed session would help fire service leaders improve their communities, leadership abilities, and knowledge within the fire service. Proposals are due by July 16.

Submissions, non-commercial in nature, from any individual, group, business, or organization, on any topic are welcome. Sessions may not include sales, commercialism, or product promotion of any kind.

For more information on previous session topics for the Fire Chiefs Leadership Seminar, please email Katie Pebler.