Propositions 1 and 2 Rally Highlights the Need to Tackle State’s Housing and Homelessness Crises

Aug 26, 2018
Supported by a broad coalition that includes housing advocates, local governments, business and labor, the measures work together to address California’s affordable housing and homelessness crises. Addressing both issues are top priorities for the League and the organization supported the legislation that led to these propositions.
The lack of affordable housing in California is one of the state’s greatest challenges, along with the rising number of people in the state who find themselves homeless. Many Californians spend 30 percent or more on housing each month and one in three Californians are not able to afford their rent. In addition, the most current research found that 134,000 people are homeless in California.
Prop. 1 builds and provides affordable housing for veterans, working families, and seniors, while Prop. 2 focuses on helping people who are experiencing homelessness and suffering from a serious mental illness get off the streets and into housing and treatment.
“We don’t have to look far to see how the lack of a stable home affects families and individuals, drains public safety resources and adversely affects our communities,” said Mayor Steinberg. “With Prop. 2, we can provide critical housing paired with mental health services for people experiencing homelessness who also have a serious mental illness — for the well-being and health of these individuals and also for the good of our community.”
"Proposition 1 will change and improve the lives of veterans, children and hardworking parents so they don't have to worry about where they are going to sleep at night, as we know so many Californians are struggling with in this epic affordable housing crisis we face," said Sen. Beall. "Voting yes on Prop. 1 helps put more people into stable, affordable homes and stem the rise of homelessness in our communities."
Prop. 1, the Affordable Housing for Veterans, Families and Seniors Act, is a $4 billion bond to build and provide affordable housing and includes $1 billion for veteran affordable housing. If passed, Prop. 1 will create 137,000 jobs and pump $23.4 billion into California’s economy.
Prop. 2, the Mental Health Care + Housing to End Homelessness Act, is a $2 billion bond to provide up to 20,000 permanent supportive housing units that combine housing with care that addresses mental health, substance abuse, medical and case management. Funding for the bond comes from 2004’s Prop. 63, the Mental Health Services Act.
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