Build a foundation for success by sharing your knowledge at the 2023 Planning Commissioners Academy

Aug 10, 2022

Has your city successfully boosted construction, piloted a breakthrough technology, or found ways to better balance housing and retail? Create a foundation for success for others by sharing your knowledge at the Planning Commissioners Academy, taking place March 29-31 in Garden Grove.

The conference offers sessions for new commissioners, as well as seasoned planning commissioners seeking a refresher course or new strategies. Cal Cities is looking for thorough, thoughtful, and complete proposals that tell how your session can help planning commissioners improve their communities, leadership abilities, and knowledge within their roles.

Non-commercial submissions from any individual, group, business, or organization on any topic are welcome. Session proposals must be submitted online by Wednesday, Sept. 21.

This conference offers panel discussions, speed sessions, facilitated discussions, and opportunities for keynote speakers. Topics to consider include:

  • Current state of warehousing and logistic facilities
  • How to create objective design standards
  • How to foster a positive commission/staff dynamic
  • General plans
  • CEQA
  • Planning meeting management
  • City finances
  • Affordable housing
  • Parking
  • Technology
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Balancing housing and retail in your city
  • Planning commission boundaries
  • Leadership skills and relationship management
  • Emerging issues and cutting-edge solutions for challenges facing California cities
  • And much more!

Member-driven and member-led programming is a cornerstone of Cal Cities’ educational activities. More than 95% of all programming comes directly from our open calls for proposals. For more information contact Education and Events Manager Christina George.