President Silva appoints 2022 policy committee chairs and vice chairs

Oct 20, 2021

Want to join a policy committee? Ask your division president, department president, or caucus executive director for an appointment. If those slots are already filled, you may request a presidential appointment.

League of California Cities President Cindy Silva has announced her chair and vice chair appointments for the 2022 policy committees. The leadership appointments set the stage for the committees’ work, which begins in January when they hold their first meetings. The work of the committees lays the foundation for Cal Cities' strong, year-round advocacy on behalf of cities.

Cal Cities’ policy-making process creates a platform for city leaders to discuss the top issues facing California’s cities and establish the organization's policy directions. Over 400 city officials serve on policy committees and add their collective expertise, wisdom, and opinions to the organization. Policy committee recommendations are forwarded to the Cal Cities Board of Directors for action. 

President Silva’s appointments are as follows:
Community Services

  • Mayor Pro Tem Wanda Williams, Suisun City (Chair)
  • Mayor Jacque Casillas, Corona (Vice Chair)  

Environmental Quality

  • Council Member David Pollock, Moorpark (Chair)
  • Council Member Jennifer Cavenaugh, Piedmont (Vice Chair)

Governance, Transparency, and Labor Relations

  • Deputy Mayor Rick Bonilla, San Mateo (Chair)
  • Council Member Melanie Bagby, Cloverdale (Vice Chair) 

Housing, Community, and Economic Development

  • Council Member Marshall Goodman, La Palma (Chair)
  • Council Member Dan Wright, Stockton (Vice Chair)  

Public Safety

  • Council Member Pippin Dew, Vallejo (Chair)
  • Ray Marquez, Chino Hills (Vice Chair) 

Revenue and Taxation

  • Mayor Norma Martínez-Rubin, Pinole (Chair)
  • Council Member Charles Bourbeau, Atascadero (Vice Chair) 

Transportation, Communications, and Public Works

  • Mayor Pro Tem Veronica Vargas, Tracy (Chair)
  • Council Member Priya Bhat-Patel, Carlsbad (Vice Chair)  

How to join a policy committee

Want to join a policy committee? First, decide what policy areas interest you, and which policy committee you would like to join. Then, ask your regional president, department president, or caucus executive director to appoint you to that policy committee. If those slots are already filled, you may request a presidential appointment from the Cal Cities president. 

Presidential appointments should only be requested when division, department, or caucus appointment slots are already filled. To apply, fill out a policy committee presidential appointment request form, which will be available on the Cal Cities website starting Nov. 1. Please note the following deadlines:

  • October: Division, department, and caucus leaders will notify city officials who have expressed interest in serving on a policy committee if they were appointed to their requested policy committee.
  • Nov. 1-19: Members not appointed through a division, department, or caucus can request a Cal Cities board presidential appointment by completing an online application form, available Nov. 1 on the Cal Cities website.
  • Nov. 19: This is the final day for members to submit a presidential appointment application.
All Cal Cities members appointed to a policy committee will be notified by the end of December. For questions about the policy committee appointment process, please contact Meg Desmond, associate manager, legislative administration.