Personnel and Employee Relations

The major activities of the Personnel and Employee Relations Department include providing networking opportunities, fostering professional development through a variety of training opportunities and services, and serving as a technical and advisory resource to Cal Cities through appointed policy committee representatives. 


Department Goals and Activities
Made up of human resource professionals from across the state, the Personnel and Employee Relations Department: 

  • Promotes the purposes and goals established in the League of California Cities bylaws. 
  • Serves as a resource to the membership of the department and other departments of Cal Cities in their dealings with human resource, personnel and employee relations issues. 
  • Assists in the sponsoring and support of necessary and desirable legislation to benefit municipalities, and to assist in opposing unfavorable legislation. 
  • Provides a unifying structure for human resource administrators to contribute to the purposes of the Cal Cities. 
Department Officers

President - Lucy Garcia, Assistant City Manager, Alhambra
First Vice President - Lisa Murphy, Director of Human Resources, Santa Cruz
Second Vice President - Jamie Cannon, Director of Human Resources & Risk Management, Chico
Department Director* - George Harris, Director of Finance, Lancaster
Past President - LaTanya Bellow,  Director of Human Resources, Berkeley

*Department Director serves for a two-year term.

Policy Committee Representatives

Appointed by the department president, each department has at least one representative on each of Cal Cities standing seven policy committees that can provide technical information to the committee as a whole to ensure that the department has a voice in the decision-making process, and make recommendations to the board of directors on legislative and policy issues.

Committee Representatives

  • Community Services – Lucy Garcia, Assistant City Manager, Alhambra
  • Environmental Quality – Vacant
  • Governance, Transparency, and Labor Relations – George Harris, Director of Finance, Lancaster
  • Housing, Community, and Economic Development – LaTanya Bellow, HR Director, Berkeley
  • Public Safety – LeeAnn McPhillips, HR Director, Gilroy
  • Revenue and Taxation – June Overholt, Finance Director, Glendor
  • Transportation, Communication, and Public Works – Hernan Molina, Government Affairs Liaison, West Hollywood

 For more information about the appointment process, please contact Meg Desmond.

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McKelvey, Meghan
Meghan McKelvey
Department and Member Services Manager
(916) 658-8253

Seals, Zach
Zachary Seals
Administrative Associate, Member Services
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