State Auditor’s Report: Bureau of Gambling Control and California Gambling Control Commission

The Gambling Control Act (Gambling Act) and state regulations give the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Gambling Control (bureau) and the California Gambling Control Commission (commission) distinct responsibilities for a range of licensing and enforcement activities related to gaming businesses—primarily card rooms—in California. Generally speaking, the bureau is responsible for performing background investigations of applicants seeking licenses that will enable them to own or work in these gaming businesses and for enforcing gaming laws and regulations. The commission, on the other hand, is an independent body that makes licensing decisions in consideration of the bureau’s recommendations and, when applicable, takes or upholds disciplinary actions against licensees, such as license revocation. To meet their responsibilities, the bureau and the commission receive funding from the Gambling Control Fund (Gambling Fund). Given the broad discretion that the bureau has in reviewing license applications and that the commission has in reaching determinations about applicants’ suitability for licenses, we reviewed these entities’ processes to determine the extent to which they have treated applicants consistently.

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