City of Pico Rivera unveils a new outdoor dining experience

Dec 9, 2020

California cities have been working to find innovative ways to support their local businesses. Like many of the businesses impacted by the pandemic, the restaurant industry has struggled to keep their doors open. To assist local restaurants, the City of Pico Rivera launched an exciting new program called the Parklet Pilot Project.

The city creatively transformed street areas into outdoor dining spaces using shipping containers. Within the containers, residents can practice physical distancing and safely enjoy their meals while supporting local restaurants.

"The City decided to ‘think outside the box’ and launched the Parklet Pilot Project,” said Mayor Gustavo V. Camacho. “Working within the confines of COVID-19 health regulations, the city was able to act fast by adding more outdoor dining space for local businesses. It’s a true win-win for Pico Rivera."